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Intanify announces strategic partnership with Mathys & Squire Consulting to revolutionise intangible asset identification and valuation


Intanify, a VC-backed AI fintech start-up, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Mathys & Squire Consulting (“MSC”), a renowned intellectual property consulting firm. This partnership represents a significant step forward in placing a value on these key assets, which account for 90% of modern value but are rarely recognised; combining the deep expertise of MSC with the cutting-edge technology being developed by Intanify.

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Intanify attends SuperSeed’s competitive accelerator program, SuperSaas


Intanify was among the thirty startups chosen from a pool of competitive applicants to participate in SuperSeed's SuperSaas accelerator program. SuperSaas is a “one-day startup MBA”, providing invaluable insights into crucial aspects such as product-market fit, go-to-market (GTM) strategies, and achieving pivotal milestones.

Intanify announces beta testing of its AI-powered technology to identify and value companies most important assets


Intanify, a VC-backed AI fintech start-up, is thrilled to announce the launch of its beta testing phase. This milestone marks a significant step towards revolutionising the way businesses assess and leverage their intangible assets — 90%+ of their valuations but barely recognised in metrics and accounts. It is the culmination of two years of collaborative work between Intanify and leading industry partners.

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Final close of Intanify’s Pre-seed funding round


VC QVentures joins the sophisticated angels from the likes of Goldman Sachs, Citadel, and global law firm Dentons, to close our pre-seed funding of £410k. Together with the £460k of Innovate UK grant funding already awarded and partnerships in place, Intanify has the best foundation in place to execute its strategy. QVentures Managing Partner, Robert Walsh, joins the board with co-founders Viet Lee and Dylan Dryden.

Intanify invited to join the Ashurst Fintech Legal Labs 2023 cohort


The three day programme will give us access to some of the leading legal minds in London in key areas like regulation and financing, as well as the chance to meet Ashurst’s corporate and investment partners. It’s excellent timing, as we refine our business model ahead of launch.

Intanify begins building the first expert system to identify intangible assets


Today, Intanify started building our first expert system, together with Dr. Viktor Dörfler and a leading European IP boutique firm. This system will seek to identify intangible assets such as software and data, as an IP audit would. Once developed, we will follow this system with another designed to value the identified assets, with more planned in future.

Company is Christened Intanify


Code name Abaton is officially named Intanify, with launched.

Co-founder joins and team grows


Viet Lee has joined as co-founder and CTO along with Rex Chen (Head of Product), Marios Georgiou (Head of Knowledge) and Lorena Duguid (Knowledge Engineer). Along with Dr. Viktor Döefler on AI and Expert Systems, our team is now complete.

Presents at Plug & Play’s Money Tech Session


We were invited with 30 other start-ups to pitch to 62 VCs and 25 of Plug & Play’s corporate partners. Plug & Play is one of the most active VCs in Silicon Valley.

Awarded £408k Innovate UK grant


Intanify has been awarded a £408k Innovate UK grant in Innovation in Professional and Financial Services, in collaboration with AI expert Dr. Viktor Dörfler of the University of Strathclyde. The project, ISAIA-A, was supported by one of the world’s largest law firms and a leading European boutique. In it we will build expert systems (a form of AI) so that the expertise of professionals like patent attorneys and IP valuation practitioners can be accessed by companies more widely.

Received first external investment


Received our first external investment from a Swiss family trust. The capital enables us to develop the business towards a pre-seed round in 2023.

Awarded a £120k Innovate UK Smart Grant


Awarded a £120k Innovate UK grant in the hyper-competitive Smart Grant competition with project name ACID-S. This funding allows us to carry out a feasibility study of our envisaged business model on the particular case of IP-dependent spinouts.

Invited to join Forward Partners 2022 Funding Lab cohort


One of 12 from around 300 to benefit from lead UK VC, Forward Partners’, program to help early stage founders prepare to raise institutional capital. This program includes actionable learnings direct from Forward’s VC investors and industry specialists from their Studio team.

Incorporated as code name Abaton


Company is formed with code name Abaton to explore opportunities in the disconnect between a world where company value is 80%+ intangibles with financial reporting and systems designed for tangible assets. Desktop research and customer discovery commence in stealth mode.


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