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Intanify was founded in 2021 centred on the observation that 80-100% of a company’s most important assets are not recognised on balance sheets. What is not measured is not managed and the evidence shows there is massive under-exploitation of intangible assets. We have been awarded multiple Innovate UK grants and have won the backing of sophisticated investors to build a platform to correct this misalignment.

Today Intanify has grown our team based in our London HQ and is testing our technology with a set of beta users.

Our motivation

The expertise to identify, value and manage IP and intangible assets resides in the minds of experts like patent attorneys and consultants. It is thus expensive, time consuming and beyond the reach of most companies to regularly achieve — and most simply do not. Our motivation is to make this expertise available at scale and low cost so all companies can better manage all of their assets.

Our mission

Intanify exists to create technologies to help organisations to clarify their intangible assets, in order to help them better value, manage, protect these assets and empower their long-term growth. 

Our vision

Our vision is to be the recognised standard to define the intangible economy. All companies have their fixed assets on their balance sheet and can speak to their bankers and others in the same language. We will enable the same for intangible assets.  

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of modern company value is in intangible assets


annual investments on intangible assets in US and Europe



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